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Ryan and Rebekah Hargrove created the “idea” of Just Shoot Me Photo Booth in November of 2011. Ryan has always wanted to “be his own boss” and have something he could call his own. In October 2011 Ryan and I attended a wedding and experienced our very first photo booth. At first we didn’t know what to do or how it worked, but once we figured it out we were in love!! We loved the props and silly poses but the best part….we got to take strips home with us! A couple of weeks after the wedding we brainstormed names, booths and how we would attack our business plan. We finally decided on a name, bought a booth and landed a spot on Living Social! We booked our first event on February 26, 2012 and have been making memories with our booth one strip at a time. We look forward to meeting new people and sharing our small business dream with all of our wonderful clients.

"It's amazing how a few pictures can bring back so many memories."


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